Madrasati On Line

Introduction Who & Why?!
Warmer Use vocabulary!
Dialogue Reconstruct it!
Comparatives Multiple Choice.
How..? Ask with "HOW"!
Form Filling Fill in a form.
Mine is Yours Gap filling.
Sentences Make Sentences.
Sentences Matching phrases.
Clothes Match pic.& name.
Opposites Quiz on Opposites.
Fashion Clothes & fashion.
Clock What's the time?
Time Century .. Second.
Opposites A small dictionary.
Plurals Irregular Plural finder.
Seasons Four Seasons?!
Requests Polite or Impolite?
Frequency Fill in adverbs.
M/Choice Health Problems.
Sentence form sentences
Irr. Verbs Irregular verb finder.
Irr. Verbs French translate.
Paragraph write & enjoy
Comprehension Ali's story.
Diagrams Vocabulary
Spelling Spelling problems
Adverbs Matching Exercise.
Home More Practice.
Junior Students.Games & Quizzes
Beginners Middle school
Prepare For Exams All Levels
Common Core 2010 - 2018
2ème Bac 2010/2018.
Tests. 2010 - 2018
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Download Quizzes ( pdf. )

Here is all that you need to know:

Is it true that it has become impossible to please this generation of learners or convince them of the importance of learning? They no longer think school is of any utility for them. They are permanently hooked on their social networking sites sharing, liking and commenting on futile things. There is almost no way to persuade them that the internet is also a great source of knowledge. They don't know, or maybe they do, but they are keen on wasting their precious time taking internet for entertainment exclusively. They must know that in the era of multi-media, the classroom has become poor compared to the wealth and resourcefulness of the internet

In order to encourage our students adopt convenient behaviour towards Internet, I chose simplicity to stimulate their curiosity by building on line entertaining quizzes which are at the same time:
  • nice to see because they're colourful and cheering.
  • practical : they test students on what they have already studied at school.
  • challenging because contests are attractive and self-assessing.
  • The quiz is new every time one does it because it's more like a game.
  • easy : students get bored quickly when a quiz is tough or hard to do.
  • And many more reasons ...
These interactive quizzes are designed essentially for beginners, yet even advanced levels can enjoy and download them. Their importance stems from the fact that they familiarize you with the huge techniques and programmes that the web can offer. They may incite you to fetch for the secret behind these marvels like why words could move, dance, vibrate, scroll. Or even why a quiz can tell you immediately if your answer is correct or wrong even in PowerPoint format.. etc.

This series of quizzes are particularly meant to help the students review "Tenses" and the different parts of speech. If you need to know more or you feel like asking for special material don't hesitate to contact us || In English | In French | In Arabic ||.